With so many decisions to make, I have put together some frequently answered questions. If you need any further assistance or help please get in touch.

Step by step process
* Free initial consultation– to discuss requirements and suggest ideas.
*The Trial – approximately 3/4 months prior to you wedding day. Either hair or makeup trial, trying ideas , dislikes and likes.
Discussion about the rest of the wedding party and overall look and theme.
* 1/2 weeks before discussion /email regarding start time and order.

Do I have to pay in advance? A deposit of 25 % of the total is preferred after the trial Payment must be made either on the day or night before.
How Long does the trial take? Hair 1.5 hrs and Makeup 1.5 hrs
How many styles can I try? Usually we can do at least 3 but these will be an example off the style without the finesse.
How many Makeup ideas can I try?Approximately 2 but we usually ensure the base is correct.
Can I bring someone along to the trial? Defiantly, although its not great to bring a child as there are lots of things to discuss.
Can I change my mind after the trial?This can often happen if it is a totally different style it might be worth having another trial.
*Where is the trial ? At the home of Carriages
Does everyone need a trial ? Not necessarily, however it can be helpful for those bridesmaids requiring a specific look.
What time we will start on the day? This will be discussed closer to the time. As a guide it can take 45/60 minutes per person per service. So I can be an early start.