We are officially Team Of The Year North West!!

Its 4.15pm which means only one thing, time to get ready for AWARDS NIGHT!! Getting ready at the Salon, talking about what the night ahead may bring, the EXCITEMENT AND NERVES fill the air. Will it be us, I mean we know that we are a great team, but will it become official tonight by winning TEAM OF THE YEAR?

Hair and make up done, dresses on and the Bentley arrives to take us to the awards. Taking the last few sips of our drinks, alcoholic of course, we double check that we have everything, including the all important tickets to get in. First pictures of the night are taken alongside our ride for the evening and we are off. In the car we talk about our two missing team members, SARAH AND JADE, wishing they were here with us, what its going to be like, how many people will be there, will there be anyone else there that we no and of course will we be the winners. We came to the decision that if we didn’t receive the award that we would enjoy the night regardless. The moto was, we have a few drinks if we don’t win and even more if we do!

6.30pm and we have arrived at the venue, walking in to find hundreds of beautiful people all here for exactly the same thing, to celebrate the last year of their career in hair and beauty and be in the line for winning an award. We see everyone lining up for their official picture before heading into the awards hall. Seeing the table plan we found our seat, table seven Cath Harrop and Emma McKenna Carriages Hair and Beauty. We joined the line for our photo, then in we walked to find our table. WOW!! The room was huge with so many beautifully presented tables full of beautiful looking people. After a short walk we arrived at our table, introducing ourselves to the other people that we would be sharing the night with. A couple of obligatory selfies we taken then the entertainment for the night began. Its safe to say by this time our nerves had settled a little and we were in awe of our surroundings.

Our host for the evening introduced himself and then the Awards began. There were 28 awards in total  throughout the night and our category was in the group after dinner. This meant we could sit back and relax for now. The first 14 awards given out, seeing the look on peoples faces as their names were called, the excitement, the emotion and the sheer happiness that all their hard work had paid off was lovely. After this group of awards dinner was served, and for everyone that knows us all here at Carriages, you will now we like our food! Tomato soup for starters, Chicken veg and potatoes for main and chocolate caramel cheesecake for pudding. It was delicious and the service was great to say they had over 700 people to keep happy.

It was now time for the next set of awards, that meant one thing, time for our category. Two awards were given out, then the host for the evening said “OK our next award is Team of the Year” We both looked at each other and Cath said “It wont be us, but its ok” The host called out all 8 nominees including us, “And the winner of Team of the year North West is………..CARRIAGES HAIR AND BEAUTY, BURY” I turned to Cath and we both screamed at each other “Oh my god, no way” that’s all Cath had to say, we were in total shock. After a massive hug we stood up and went on stage to collect our award. Smiling like Cheshire cats we had a picture with the Host of the evening and then walked across the stage. Holding the award Cath looked at me and said “Oh my god we actually did it, we won” So happy and excited, we both so wished that Sarah and Jade we here to celebrate with us. 

After leaving the stage we went straight for our official WINNERS picture, laughing all the way there as we couldn’t believe it. We were officially TEAM OF THE YEAR NORTH WEST. All of our hard work had paid off, and with the encouragement of our amazing boss Carriages Hair and Beauty were coming home with an Award!!

Ringing our family, and letting Sarah and Jade know the exciting news, it was time to go live on Facebook and tell all of our lovely clients the amazing news! Now it was time to celebrate and after the other awards we given out we headed over to the after party at Tiger Tiger. Its safe to say the dance moves came out in style, especially from the Boss Lady.

From us all here at Carriages Hair and Beauty we would like to thank all of our amazing clients, because without you we wouldn’t be able to be the great team that we are. We would also like to thank the unknown client that nominated us for the award, helping us to be recognised for the team that we are.

Here’s to the next year at Carriages Hair and Beauty!




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