Botanical Candles – Set of 3 – Postage included


A Strawberry explosion for the body.

* 200g Floral Fizz – Romantic Rebel-It has a Rose, Lavender and Patchouli scent.

*Strawberry Sugar Scrub 180g the scrub warms on skin as you massage to help open pores and deliver a deeper cleanse

*Strawberry Shea Body Butter 180g – Strawberry -Richly moisturising, this range of shea body butter is the ideal treat for treating dry and very dry skin.

*Fuller Earth Face Mask 80g- exceptional oil-absorbing, cleansing and antiseptic properties and can be used as an exfoliant as it draws out impurities from the skin.

*Sisal Sponge and Scrub – Exfoliating Star – completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

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