Monthly Must Package75 mins£50.00

Includes: Eye Brow Shape, Lash Tint, Half Leg Wax, Manicure, and File and Polish on Toes. Please note that a tint test must be carried out 24 hours prior to treatment.

Jessica Gel Polish Manicure60 mins£27.00

Jessica Gel Polish with Manicure

Gel Removal15 mins£10.00

Gentle removal of the gel polish.

Gel Removal & Re-application75 mins£32.00

Gel removal and re-application of gel and manicure during the same appointment.

Express Gel Polish30 mins£18.00

File and Nail Preparation with Gel Polish.

Gel Touch Up (infill)30 mins£12.00

Gel re-applied and infilled with current gel polish.

Gel Touch Up (infill French)30 mins£13.00

For French Gel Polish. Buff over original gel and then infilled.

Gel Repair15 minsF.O.C

Gel nail repair within two weeks, free of charge.

Jessica Luxury Manicure75 mins£25.00

Hand Exfoliation, Mask, Thermal Heated Mitts, Cuticle Work followed by a File and Polish.

Jessica Manicure60 mins£20.00

Hand massage followed by a file and polish

Jessica Express Manicure30 mins£15.50

Cuticle work followed by a file and polish

Jessica File and Polish15 mins£10.00

File and Polish

French File and Polish30 mins£12.00

French style file and polish

Minx Foils on Hands45 mins£23.00

Minx foil heated overlay on natural nails. Can last up to two weeks.


Cuccio Luxury Pedicure75 mins£29.00

Choice of Pomegranate & Fig or Coconut. Soak, Exfoliation, Mask, Heated Booties, Cuticle Work, File and Polish.

Express Gel Polish on Toes30 mins£18.00

File, Cuticle Push Back, Gel Application. Please note that toes should be in good condition.

Removal and Gel Re-application75 mins£35.00

Gentle removal of existing polish, re-preparation of nail bed and re-application of gel polish.

Geleration Removal on Toes30 mins£10.00

Gentle removal of Gel from toes.

Gel Polish on Toes60 mins£27.00

Revitalising spray, File, Cuticles and Gel Application on Toes.

Geleration Pedicure75 mins£35.50

Soak, exfoliation, removal of dead skin, nail preparation, massage and gel polish application on toes.