Awards Prep Week.

So this Sunday it is our Awards Night, and we are all super excited to be nominated for ‘Team of the Year North West.’ Although not all of us will be attending, as Jade will be sunning herself up in Thailand and Sarah is away for the night with her family, its all down to Cath and Emma to get their glad rags on, walk the red carpet and of course party for everyone.

As we all know, attending an occasion like this, every girl needs to get themselves prepared and looking red carpet ready. So this week will involve waxing, tanning, nails, hair and makeup. We are going for the full works, Cath will even be sparkling her eye patch to add that extra bling to our night.

Whether we come away with an award or not we are so excited just to be a part of the English Hair and Beauty Awards 2018.

Sunday night here we come, let the preparation COMMENCE!!!





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